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The What If Technique

Mona Patel

Asking, “What if…?” is about hunting for an opportunity space, tackling the problem and goal headfirst rather than coming to your typical solutions with your usual problem-solving tactics. Mona Patel (Founder/CEO of Motivate Design) will introduce the What If Technique™, which helps reframe issues, identify habits; and engage a disruptive mindset when solving problems through innovation and creative thinking.

The What If Technique breaks down the barriers that make people say “no” or “it can’t be done” and encourages people to engage in constructive problem solving and creative collaboration to identify tangible ways to improve their situation. Mona will guide you through the steps, tools, and examples that will help spur the kind of growth you want to lead a better life and have more productive work experiences.

Creative thinking and disruptive design thinking is hard. Why? Because…

  • People often lack training to think creatively and disruptively
  • Individual, personal mindsets and biases (or external influences) prevent people from truly achieving better solutions
  • Successful people (and companies) sometimes have an aversion to risk or trying new methods
  • People are rewarded (or at least not reprimanded) for not being disruptive – preserving the status quo

At the end of this workshop you will leave with:

  • Awareness of specific barriers that are preventing you from maximizing your contribution to the problem solving process, including ways to break the barriers down
  • A model for how to take the creative process and make it action oriented
  • Knowledge of the process for practicing the What If Technique in any setting
  • Tools and examples to get you started! 

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