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The Salty WebWhy CMSs are Making Us All Bloated

Brad Weaver

Client calls, they need a website or application, you pick a CMS, send a quote, and go. That’s how most of us have been doing it for the last several years to the point that Wordpress now powers almost half of the entire web!

Much like over-prescribing antibiotics, we’re creating a web that is becoming resistant to real solutions. It’s time to step back a bit and establish some criteria to determine if you really need a CMS for that web project. When was the last time (ahem, yesterday) that you hacked or created a plugin to just get content to display in a way that you could do with raw code in 20 minutes? How about adding a 500K slider plugin just to do something that’s possible with two lines of jQuery?

It’s time to think through our small, medium, and large projects to sort out exactly what our clients need and how we can let our UX and design goals dictate the code instead of hacking a CMS. We’ll take a deeper look at not just technology but also pricing and client-relationship strategies that may work in your long-term favor (whether freelancing or in-house) to keep your website running lean, strong, and efficiently for the long-haul.

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