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Supercharge CreativitySolve Business Problems and Innovate Through Play

Mel Lim

It takes a creative person to consider starting a business. The more committed to creativity and innovation a person is, the more likely they are to use play strategies to solve problems. Mel Lim explores the challenges of entrepreneurship and the ways ideas are cultivated, incubated, and allowed to grow. What are the benefits and pitfalls of approaches such as rapid prototyping? Can businesses really rush the creative process and be assured of delivering their best work and growing in the right direction? Or should ideas be allowed to simmer and brew into fullness? Design is always about creating tension. Is it important to take the time to find that yang tension and have yin tranquility at the other end of the spectrum?

Mel Lim will invite participants to consider the possibilities inherent in “having fun.” Playfulness in innovation encourages imagination and allows the mind to stretch in all directions without rules and limitations. Play puts people in the flow state, supercharges learning, enhances motivation, and promotes perseverance. It is a powerful catalyst for cooperative interaction and fosters teamwork. Participants will examine conventional ways of getting people together to master a project, and ways to motivate employees with playful creativity.

Participants will learn . . .

  • How to Solve — Push beyond templates, formulas and existing business paradigms / the status quo
  • How to Sell — Pitch a crazy out-of-the-box idea and sell it...and be taken seriously
  • How to Sustain — Execute Game of Thrones Strategies: Keep your throne and conquer dragons

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