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Starting with the Experience

The “Starting with the experience” workshop is designed to help teams step outside their daily thinking and get playful when thinking about consumer, brand and experience. It’s easy to get excited about the potential of new technologies and lose focus on how these experiences meaningfully connect back to end-users and the brands that deliver them. 

During this workshop we will focus on an experience from an analogous category (e.g. an airline experience) as it is more fun and we can also shift attendees away from their everyday thinking (removing any bias or preconceived values teams have with the subject). 

The session has a number of hands-on activities and uses simple design tools that can be replicated by teams following the workshop. In a nutshell it intends to help build empathy, understand context and make meaningful connections between users and brand.


  • Use design thinking tools and principles to deconstruct and build holistic product & service experiences. 
  • Build compelling user experiences based on opportunity spaces (in 4 hours!).
  • Use generative and evaluative tools to create meaningful experiences.
  • Encourage collaboration.


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