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MicrointeractionsA Workshop on How to Design Details

It's the small details that turn your product from one that's just tolerated to one that's loved. But how do you focus on details? This hands-on workshop will walk participants through the process of designing and refining microinteractions.

We'll start with an introduction to microinteractions and step through the microinteractions model which sets the structure for the workshop. We start by focusing on Triggers: the manual controls and system conditions that start all microinteractions. We’ll then focus on Rules, the "interaction" part of microinteractions. We'll do exercises around Preventing Human Error and Don't Start From Zero—adapting the microinteraction to what's known about the user and/or the environment.

After a quick break, we'll tackle the third part of microinteractions: feedback. We'll discuss animation, sound, and the messages that feedback conveys, then do exercises, including ones on Using The Overlooked, where we take various pieces of UI to see how they could be reused for feedback, and another on Speaking Human: how can we take utilitarian copy and make it more humane. 

Loops and Modes are the last part of microinteractions. We'll talk about when to use modes do an exercise around Long Loops: how to extend your product into the future.

We'll end the workshop by discussing how to incorporate microinteractions into the design and overall product process, including how to sell them to clients and internal stakeholders.

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