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Make Your Own Web Fonts


More and more designers are entertaining the idea of making their own fonts. Now that "real" web fonts are widely supported, web designers don't have to feel left out. Attendees will learn foundational concepts and skills for type design, and start making their own font in the workshop using the industry-standard FontLab Studio 5 (a fully-functional time-limited version will be given to workshop attendees in advance).
Questions Thomas will answer: What are some sources of inspiration? What are the design principles that underlie fonts? What font editor defaults need to be changed for web fonts? Which letters do you start with and why? What are some different concerns for alphabetic vs icon/symbol fonts? How do you space a font? What are best practices for the font production process, and why? Why do so many font editing programs integrate with Python, and what can you do with that?
Attendees will take away:
  • skills and know-how to start making a font
  • knowing type design terminology
  • principles of visual perception behind “good” type design
  • understanding common beginner mistakes to avoid
  • pointers to the best resources for further learning

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