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Information Architecture Essentials

Information Architecture has changed a lot in the last decade.  In fact, IA is more in demand now than ever. Why? Because the weirder the world gets, the more important it is to make sense of what we are making — so what we make will make sense to others. If it's ever your job to know what things are, where they should go, and how they should connect to everything else, you need IA.

In a half-day workshop, Dan Klyn and Andrew Hinton share practical tools, mind-opening concepts, and real-world wisdom about how IA can help you and your colleagues or clients figure out the "why" and the "what" before the "how," and make complexity clear for your users. 

  • Find out how the workaday materials of IA — taxonomies, vocabularies, and the rest — are the often-overlooked ingredients that form the spine and nervous system of complex products, services, and even organizations.
  • Discover how modeling, mapping, and definition lead to design decisions that weather political winds. 
  • Learn about the basic building blocks of labels, relationships, and rules, and how they're used to create great environments. 
  • Discover how ontology (particular meaning), taxonomy (arrangement of meanings), and choreography (stitching together experiences) use language to make products and services better, and bring clarity to complexity. 

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Explore the future at WebVisions NYC, Portland, Barcelona and Chicago.