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How to Return to Scriptwriting with Video Games

Machinima has a huge potential because it uses a mass consumption object, which are the games, to help people to express themselves. A recent French study showed that 99,8 % of teenagers play daily to video games.

So, it can be said that games surround our everyday life. This is the reason why it is meaningful to diffuse this cinematographic genre that uses games as a tool to make movies and to express oneself.

Because games are a way of reality representation, because they are the new imaginary of young - and less young now -generations, it is relevant to use them to tell stories. Each step of the workshop can enable everyone to fit into a creative process:

  • Discovery of machinima history, screening of movies and explanation of technics used for making each film.
  • Introduction to screenplay and dialogues writing.
  • Set Design and characters.
  • Direction of the virtual actors actions, movements, and dialogues recording.
  • Design of camera movements.
  • Film editing.
  • Film rendering and uploading on a video platform.

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