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Front End LegosReusable HTML & CSS

Shay Howe

All too often writing HTML and CSS is an afterthought. Its the work that happens after design is finalized and the product has been developed. Its a necessary task in the process to building a website. Wrong.

HTML and CSS are the backbone to every website, and are equally as important as any design or development. After spending some time playing with legos and writing some of code attendees will be able to better organize their code, develop modular styles, and work with CSS specificity.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Common problems working with HTML and CSS
  • How to write reusable HTML and CSS
  • The importance of maintainability
  • How to measure CSS specificity
  • How to modularize layouts
  • How to accommodate content


The workshop is geared towards intermediate front end designers and developers, with a love of legos, looking grow their skill set. A sound understanding of HTML and CSS are required as the workshop will cover more advanced techniques around building and laying out websites.

What to Bring:
Your laptop.

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