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Happily Ever AfterPain-Free Prioritization

If the Design Process were a boy band, Feature Prioritization would never be the fan favorite with a breakout solo career. Prioritization isn’t sexy. It hurts to let go of the beloved features created during brainstorming. The decision-making design phase often involves negotiation and compromise in an uncomfortable social environment. Prioritization can be downright painful! 

If only you could recapture the enthusiasm and creative glow of brainstorming. Well, wish no longer! Design fairy godmothers Carolyn Chandler and Anna van Slee are here to transform this pumpkin into a stage coach. Strap in!

During this whirlwind workshop you will:

  • Learn about the strategic importance of an inclusive and collaborative prioritization process
  • Gain foundational tactics you can introduce early-on in a project that will help you prioritize later, in a more meaningful way
  • Acquire and practice an array of creative and playful collaborative techniques to help you and your team prioritize features and make design decisions, including:
  • Ranking features with different constraints in mind, such as different user types or brand guidelines
  • Visualizing solution combinations via storyboarding in order to see how features build upon each other
  • Explore product approaches that encourage the expression of unusual or delightful features

You'll put the "work" in workshop as you team up with others to complete a challenge and cement your new learnings by putting them into practice.

Walk away with a fresh perspective on prioritization and some new techniques to help your team have fun while making decisions that lead to a product with style, not just functionality. And you can go on to develop your solution Happily Ever After.

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