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Designing for People

Product development teams have people who focus on user experience, with responsibility for creating designs, content, and interaction that meet user expectations and provide enjoyable experiences. User experience practitioners know that making people successful is the best way to achieve product success. Some product development teams also have accessibility specialists who focus on making sure people with disabilities have access to designs, content, and interaction, but accessibility is typically a separate activity, in the engineering or QA phase. What if we joined these activities, such that UX included responsibility for the user experience for people with disabilities? And what if, as user experience designers, we welcome accessibility as a creative challenge? 

In this workshop we will use universal design principles and design thinking activities to identify problems and explore creative and innovative solutions that benefit all users. You will learn:

  • Principles of Universal Design
  • Design Thinking methodologies as applied to accessibility
  • Accessible user experience principles and guidelines for creating good experiences for people with disabilities
  • How to integrate responsibility for accessibility into product teams
  • How to integrate practices to support accessibility into the product development lifecycle


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