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Crafting a User-Centered and Informed Design Process That Works for You

Mark Wyner

Pulling from 15 years of experimentation and flexibility for teams/projects of various sizes, I will walk you through the components of a solid discovery and production process. My partners and I at Bunker have crafted and refined a process that works for us, our team, and our clients, but there are many ways to piece together a solution that works for you, your team, and your clients. Even if you’re a team of one.

We will learn how to thoroughly understand who we are designing and building for, what we want to provide to them, and what they'll want to accomplish when using the product we’re creating. We’ll look at the steps and tools necessary for building a discovery process that sets a solid foundation for production, and how to reference that foundation throughout a scrum/sprint-like process of development AND design. Bring a pen, a love for whiteboards and sticky notes, and an inquisitive mind ready to dive deep into imagination.

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