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Beyond Media QueriesAdvanced RWD Techniques

Browsers evolve and so do the tools we use to create responsive websites. 5 years after changing a whole industry, RWD is already the default way of developing websites and designers worries are far beyond media queries: they just care about giving the best possible responsive experience for every case.

In this workshop we’ll cover several cases and scenarios that we usually find when developing responsive sites, and how to solve them with techniques like:

  • New layout properties, like flexbox and calc().
  • Old but reinvented layout techniques, like reordering elements with display: table.
  • Touch events.
  • Responsive images with and srcset.

This workshop is aimed to web designers with a good knowledge of HTML and CSS and a minimum of experience in responsive web design. It’s a hands-on workshop, so it’s highly recommendable to bring your laptop and a text editor to make the most of it.

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