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Backbone for Designers

In this 4 hour workshop I'll give designers and developers (front-end and back) everything they need to know to start using Backbone right now.  I'll explain why front-end JavaScript is changing and I'll put Backbone into context by comparing it with other JS MV* like Angular.JS.

I'll answer important questions like:

  • What about progressive enhancement?
  • Why can't you just use jQuery?
  • Is backbone the right choice?
  • How does backbone make your life easier and your code better?
  • Why is everyone referring to websites as web apps now?

This workshop will be a mixture of presentations, live demonstrations and exercises.  I'll take you through the basics and I'll demonstrate how we can put them to good use.  Then in the remaining time and your spare time you'll work to create your own simple website using Backbone.

To get the most out of this workshop attendees should have enough experience to write a few lines of jQuery.

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