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90% of Design is TypographyA Hands-on Guide to Great Web Fonts and Typography

Join typography expert Thomas Phinney for an immersive, hands-on workshop on using CSS3 typographic controls to create great web typography, from the basics of ideal type setting to enabling custom web fonts with @font-face. A live web site will be provided for each participant to practice and experiment on, along with access to WebINK web fonts.

You will also learn:

  • How “real” web fonts are transforming the web, and exactly how to implement them.
  • How to pick the perfect font for a web site
  • How to choose fonts that work together
  • The common crimes against legibility and aesthetics, and how to avoid them
  • Issues around color, spacing, line length and font size

REQUIREMENTS: Laptop and basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.

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