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What to tell your boss…

The BossWe know you. Knee-deep in development, mired in technical glitches, so focused on the task at hand that you can’t see past the edge of your monitor, let alone into the next fiscal year.

You’re passionate about the industry, you care about your organization and want to be successful, but the only time you get to think about the future is over a few drinks at the end of a too-long day.

We get that. We’ve been there (some of us ARE there). WebVisions will bust you out of that silo. You owe it to yourself, and your company owes it to you.

Go back to work after the event brimming with a new way of thinking about solutions, chock full of inspiration and information, armed with fresh ideas and ready to conquer the world.

Your boss will be so damned impressed.

Five reasons your boss will happily send you and your crew to WebVisions:

1. Explore

WebVisions exposes designers, programmers and strategists to the new ideas and trends that are revolutionizing business and the world.

2. Experience

Take in-depth workshops that dig into subjects like HTML5 and CSS3, interface design, user research and game development.

3. Connect

Network and meet people from around the globe — potential partners, clients, business associates and mentors.

4. Be seen

Show off your company as a strategic thinker and leader in digital media, mobile and interactive.

5. Strategize

Share the WebVisions experience and help guide the future of your organization.

Special bonus: Save 15% with the code “GROUP4” if you sign up four or more from your company, or 20% with the code “GROUP10” if you register 10+. Ka-ching!

Break out of your cubicle. At WebVisions, designers learn alongside developers. Sole proprietors get out of their pajamas and feel like the CEOs they are. CEOs…well, they’re still CEOs, but we love them for it!

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Session highlights …

… for designers

Joel Beukelman“Pretty (Damn Near) Pixel Perfect”
Ken Tabor“Hammering Responsive Web Design Into Shape”
Adam Connor, “Artist or Designer: Which Are You?”
Senongo Akpem, “Creating Non-Linear Digital Narratives”

… for UX practitioners:

Indi Young, “Balancing ‘Science’ with Person-Focused Research”
Matt Lavoie, “Introducing UX to Decade Old Applications”
Nick Finick, “The Nuances of UX”
Jason Grigsby, “Adaptive Input”

… for technologists:

Jason Lengstorf, “Pseudo-Elements Master Class”
Brandon Schmittling, “Death to All Devices”
Daniel Sauble, “How to Run 100 User Tests in Two Days”
Peter-Paul Koch, “Viewport”

… for freelancers:

Brad Weaver, “Pricing for the Web”
Tyler Sticka, “Side Projects that Ship”
Dan Saffer, “Polish: The Last 20%”

… and finally, even for CEOs/principals:

Maria Giudice, “Innovation Starts at the Top”
Neal Cabage, “Why are Some Startups More Successful Than Others?”
Ana Maria Pinto da Silva & Jonathan Cluts, “Envisioning the Future of the Future”
Michael Boeke, “Getting Paid in 7 Inches or Less”

PS – If you can’t attend the PDX show, check out our speakers for WebVisions Barcelona, Chicago and Berlin.

Still not swayed?

Here’s the kicker. There’s fun and alcohol involved as well. We’ve got the Stumptown 40 at Spirit of ’77 on the 7th, the Oregon Storyboard, a game design and digital media showcase at OMSI on the 8th, and our wrap party at the Museum of Contemporary Craft on the 9th. Tell the boss you are networking. We won’t mention the drinks.

…WebVisions is the crunchy granola cousin of SXSW.