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Emily Long, “Reinventing Mass Media with 10,000 Little Jon Stewarts”

Synopsis: Despite the potential for media as a tool for engagement and democracy, the media industry today acts largely as a one-way flow of information and ideas. News, advertising and entertainment reflect only a handful of dominant narratives, and messages countering those narratives are easily shut down by corporations with the money and influence needed to shape the conversation. Major copyright and patent holders can – and do – intimidate those who challenge their products, and a lack of rights awareness combined with a tightly centralized media industry put innovation and freedom of speech in jeopardy.

(WebVisions Portland, May 14, 2015)



Shay Howe, “Less Is More: How Constraints Cultivate Growth”

Synopsis: Imagine a playground with no rules. The never-ending dodgeball game would dominate the entire blacktop space, pushing out the jump ropers and Red Rover players. It would never be your turn to go on the swings. And try as you might to remain honest, you’d still catch yourself cheating at Hot Lava Tag. In his keynote session from WebVisions Portland, Shay will dive into different constraints and their benefits to building websites. Constraints are good and, when leveraged properly, allow us to truly flourish. It’s your turn to go on the swings. Enjoy it.

(WebVisions Portland, May 14, 2015)



Tim Bray, “News for Web Lovers”

Synopsis: Is this a good time or a bad time to be a Web Person? On the downside, there’s a real risk that the whole Internet vanishes into one App Store or another.

On the upside, there’s an explosion of new browser-based development and design tools. But explosions are dangerous to be near! I tend to pessimism, and think we’re in danger of losing some of the goodies that the browser as universal-interface brought to the Net, and to the people round the world who use it.

On the other hand, there are grounds for optimism.

(WebVisions Portland, May 8, 2014)



Brian David Johnson, “Let’s do Humanity in the Machine”

Synopsis: Brian David Johnson, counters the myth of runaway, soulless machines, by investigating how technology reflects the mission and values of the societies that create it. From high-speed NASCAR racing to high-speed financial trading, we explore our intimate relationship with our machines and how we incessantly tune them for success, for profit, and routinely for greed. But what comes after greed? Understanding that we imbue our technology and machines with our humanity means we must think more closely about what we are building, why we are building it, and what we want our tools to accomplish.

Can we optimize for something other than profit? Streamline for profit plus… other values: fairness, quality, safety or social responsibility. How do we comprehend the dark side of our choices? Ultimately Johnson discovers how we can design our machines and technology to become the reflection of our better selves?

(WebVisions Portland, May 9, 2014)



Douglas Rushkoff, “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now”



Leslie Bradshaw, “The Future of the Web is Video”



Carla Diana, “Making Meaningful Design with the Internet of Things”



Kerry Bodine, “From User Experience to Customer Experience”



Jason Kunesh, “Rules of Thumb for Design Chicanery from Obama for America HQ”



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