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Jesse LozanoCo-founder


Jesse Lozano is the CEO Co-founder of Pi-Top (CEED LTD). Jesse became interested in technology while writing on FOREX and financial news at the City AM, one of London's premier financial publications. During his time there he created an online development consultancy that had clients spanning from Tim Hall a noted photographer featured in National Geographic, to clients in the House of Lords and House of Commons.

Working with co-founder Ryan Dunwoody they successfully funded their Indiegogo campaign for Pi-Top in under 48 hours and raised over $175,000 - allowing them to create Pi-Top, a Raspberry Pi powered laptop you build yourself. 

Pi-Top offers a new and engaging way to understand and learn hardware, with the end goal of building and creating your own projects based around merging electronics with 3D printing technologies. Pi-Top is currently running pilot schemes in some of the highest rated schools in Europe including Eton College and has plans to democratise hardware learning through emulation in developing nations where access to technology is limited. 

Pi-Top was created to change the way we view hardware and fundamentally change the we as individuals think about learning and understanding technology.