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Nishant Kothary

10K Apart, Lost World's Fairs, The New Microsoft.com, MIX Online, A Website Named Desire, and Build: These projects have earned Nishant the fond nickname Honey Badger amongst his peers.

After cutting his teeth as a Program Manager at Amazon.com on projects like Instant Video & the original Kindle, Nishant honed his multidisciplinary skills at Microsoft as an Evangelist. You can find his writings on Smashing Magazine, UXMag, MIX Online, and his blog, Rainypixels.

Nishant accepts only the occasional speaking gig because his heart is at home with his wife, Pita, cats, Izzy and Mango, their instapopular Weimaraner, Yoshi, and the little company formed from their initials, MINKY.

Follow @rainypixels on Twitter and Instagram for a live, unedited serving of Nishant.