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Scott FrangosFounder


Since Scott gave up his first blogging tool -- a manual typewriter -- for a black and white Mac Plus, he has fast forwarded as a Marketing Communications professional through corporations and agencies, in Advertising, and Publishing. He has also taught webmaster courses at local colleges and recently taught a workshop on Content Marketing tactics using WordPress at the Langley Center for New Media.  

On Google+ (ScottGooglePlus.info), his current mcro-blogging focus is on the wedding of Social Media Marketing to SEO, Content Marketing strategies and tactics, and how Google is NOT a search engine. 

Scott remembers teaching Desktop Publishing before there were textbooks on it, and when folks said computers would never replace typesetting machines.  He led Photoshop workshops when photographers said digital would never replace film.

One price of rapid change is that people continually tell you it can not be done, precisely when you are doing it.