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Don ElliottProduction Director


Don has been eating the Internet one page at a time since the early 90’s. His professional career kicked off in 1997 when he was asked to become the managing director for a 20-person not-for-profit organization. The success he found there ignited a passion for marketing, business operations, and organizational management, which led him to accept a position as a senior consultant with a young for-profit company. His primary role was focused on launching start-ups and occasionally intervening as a contract executive to help turn around or revitalize struggling companies.

For the last seven years, Don has been focused solely on creative agencies, including starting and selling two agencies prior to joining Gravitate in 2012. As the Production Director at Gravitate, Don has been referred to as an operations-focused creative director due to his love for both the creative and operation sides of an agency.

Outside of the office, Don is a boldly mediocre cook and formerly did a five year stint as a sketch-improv comedy show director and performer. He has since lost all semblance of humor. He is currently taking a hiatus from Facebook, for which he remains unapologetic.


Portland 2015May 12 - 15, 2015