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John CarlinCo-Founder

Funny Garbage

John Carlin is the co-founder of Funny Garbage, one of the first digital design companies as well as the pro-social production company Red Hot. He started his career as an art writer, curator and professor; went on to represent many of his artist friends as an entertainment lawyer and created one of the first successful AIDS benefits in the entertainment business—Red Hot + Blue. That led to a successful series of multimedia projects that continues to this day (Dark Was The Night was a recent success) and millions of dollars donated to support important AIDS organizations and causes.

After several early interactive projects through Red Hot, Carlin went on to lead Funny Garbage and oversee the design of early Internet landmarks such as the first Cartoon Network site, the first online animated series and innovative digital content for the web, mobile and TV. He currently is finishing an interactive music app based on the music of Bach that combines his knowledge of interface design and music production.


New York 2014Apr 3 - 4, 2014
New York 2014Apr 3 - 4, 2014