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Yoni BlochFounder


Yoni Bloch is an Israeli musician and the founder and CEO of Interlude, a technology company that designs, develops, markets and enables the creation of interactive videos. Through Interlude's patented technology, Bloch has ushered in a new norm for online storytelling that allows users to actively engage with online video in a multi-layered experience, and to create new experiences on their own.

Interlude was founded by Bloch and his band in 2011 after they wanted to create a unique music video that fans would want to play over and over again. When they discovered that no technology existed that would support their vision of online seamless interactive play, the co- founders set out to develop such technology themselves.

Watch the interactive video of "Like a Rolling Stone"

Under Bloch’s leadership, Interlude has created interactive videos for Shell, Subaru, Fox TV, ESPN and others, as well as Bob Dylan’s wildly acclaimed interactive music video for “Like A Rolling Stone.” Backed by Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, NEA, Marker and Innovation Endeavors, Interlude recently launched Treehouse, a self-service platform that allows anyone — from artists to major brands — to design and publish their own interactive videos.

In Israel, Yoni is a successful rock musician and performer with three top-selling records. He has produced and recorded tracks for Israel's biggest artists, composed music for TV, film and theater, and was a judge in the Israeli version of “American Idol.”