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Noaa IlaniCo-founder


NoAA has worked in digital media since 2001, and is a diverse designer specialising in brand experiences, digital products and services. She co-founded ANTARTICA in 2007, a strategic user experience design firm. In her role as creative director, NoAA has worked with startups and large companies to help discover and design new brand and digital experiences for growth in diverse markets.

Growing up in Germany, Kenya and the United States, she acquired an understanding of many cultures that has shaped design solutions for clients expanding in new global markets. Always passionate about brands and design, she landed her first branding project at 15, designing a private jet company for exclusive Safari tours. She conducts ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ UX workshops; intimate learning sessions geared at executives to help create awareness for the value of brand, product and service experiences.

In 2013, NoAA and her team at ANTARTICA began working on a local social initiative that rethinks the role of the traditional public library in the digital world.