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What Happens When You Donate Your Career To Science

Thea Boodhoo

New giant dinosaurs. Mountain ranges on Pluto. Gravity waves from other galaxies. We live in a golden age for scientific discovery, and it’s hard not to wonder, as we pry ourselves away from Mars panoramas back into the earth-bound corporate things waiting in our other browser tabs, what it would be like if we’d gone into that science field we really like instead. 

Thea Boodhoo was a run-of-the-mill content strategist at an admittedly pretty great ad agency, who also found inspiration in the discoveries of science. She thought, “Surely scientists need content strategists. They must. Right?” And she set off on a journey that took her into the depths of time, the insides of a dead pigeon, and the far, exotic reaches of New Jersey, Utah, and academia.

Now she’s ready to share what she learned about the reality of modern science, what it’s like working with scientists, how she overcame the hurdles of being an outsider, and how you, too, can apply your skills as a creative professional to science projects where they are, truly, needed. Without having to dissect a pigeon.

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