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Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age

Mel Lim

Would you let someone who speed-read a book on cardiology perform open-heart surgery on you? If you were attending a state dinner in Washington D.C. would you expect a gourmet meal prepared by the White House chef or would you be happy with a fast-food quarter pounder with cheese? When it comes to the products and services that we typically signify as having value, prestige, and even longevity, one single element factors into their creation: time. So why is it that design and the design processes, from ideation to development to implementation, are all happening on the fast track?

The acceleration of all that we once knew to be a “process” has antiquated our vital senses and deprived us of appreciating the finer details. Join Mel Lim as she discusses how at today’s speed of life, culture is instant coffee. Learn why we must slow things down, simmer our thoughts, steep our strategies, and craft our ideas into existence. Do we want the master who designed and built Greece and Rome, or just trailer park Rapid Prototyping? Explore with Mel why it may be time to rediscover listening, waiting, observing, experimenting, and reviewing for relevancy. Be part of the conversation on whether or not it’s time to employ our bare hands – draw, design, and doodle -- and find out if we still have expertise in hands-on processes should technology ever go dark some day.

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