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The Third ScreenDesigning for Print with HTML+CSS

Using a new generation of HTML+CSS to PDF tools, designers and developers can create high-fidelity print using the same HTML they use for desktop and mobile screens. Whether creating a business application that needs print or PDF (e.g. report generation, invoices, forms), or a consumer application that prints (e.g. recipes, photo printing, articles, or coupons), you can get great looking output leveraging the investment you already have.

In this session, learn the basics of good print design using HTML and CSS with  working examples:

1) Book interiors have long been one of the benchmarks of print design. I’ll show step-by-step how I took an incoming manuscript and created the print-ready PDF for a 6x9 trade paperback using HTML, CSS, and PrinceXML. The fully automated process takes less than five seconds and generates results identical to InDesign.

2) When a user hits File->Print, most websites print poorly, generating as many of twenty wasted pages for one page of content. I’ll show how I took a popular website’s printout from lousy-to-awesome with just a handful of simple CSS tweaks that you can apply to your own website.

This session will explain also explain what’s possible within the confines of browser File->Print, as well how how to get the highest-fidelity prints using server-side PDF generation.

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