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The Secret Lives of Drones

Drones are people too. Well, not really, but there are skilled, passionate people behind drones who want to make an impact in the world with the use of drone technology. Drones give people “super powers” of flight, thermal and multi spectrum vision, precision and efficiency to complete missions in construction, insurance, disaster relief and more. The possibilities are becoming endless! How do we capture the collaboration and coexistence between robots and people for the good of humanity? How do we tell stories to shift the focus and current way of thinking to showcase the process and people behind drones in order for the public and industry to understand the true value of drone technology in our society?

At LIFT Technologies, we focus on putting people first. Suzanne and Ciara will talk about the use of brand strategy, content, photography, and data insights to humanize drone technology and tell the story of drone missions through the lens of the pilot.

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WebVisions Barcelona explores the future of the web with a lineup of badass visionaries. July 2-4 at IED Design School.

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