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The Science of Art

Sarah Hall

Beautiful design activates the pleasure receptors in our brain.   Smart user experience shapes human behavior.  Elegant strategy creates a perfect marriage between the two.

As technology and data analytics evolve, we gain richer and deeper insight into how we do what we do.  The first iteration of this involves understanding basic human action: did the design and the placement of the button encourage people to click? Did they click more often if it was moved it from left to right? Then came a deeper understanding of not only what was done, but who did it.  Integration through Facebook and other social profiles created rich demographic-driven insight into who was doing what in response to interface in design.  Now we find ourselves on the edge of a third wave, driven by geo location, wearable technology and advances in human biology, among other things.

We are now at a new frontier where the conversation is shifting from how we change behavior to how we can actually change the way that people process the world around them.  The question then becomes how do artists, designers and engineers use this shift to create products that change the way people see and respond to the world around them.   

Sarah Hall, founder and CEO of Harley & Co, will discuss how we can use things like GRIT, the Halo Effect, pattern recognition, the Availability Heuristic and more to drive the way we create. If you’ve ever wanted to leverage human biology and cognition to your advantage in design and creativity, join us.

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