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The Design Thinking Transformation in Business

The definition of design is shifting from being a noun to a verb. We see it moving away from arts and craft into a methodology of delivering value. Adapting to this shift, designers and changemakers are forming a new way of design thinking. 

As designer, not only are we crafting products / services, but we are also learning to see a much bigger system with a deep connection to business factors. How can we influence businesses with design thinking in order to build a solid business platform that delivers meaningful products / services. 

Systems thinking is an approach to problem solving.  Businesses are an intricate ecosystem, from how the organisation is structured, to people, to commercial planning, to processes. As designers, we practice systems thinking everyday. How do we use this knowledge to craft a business? This, is business design. 

In this session, we want to explore what business design means. How to use what we know, as designers, to build stronger businesses? As we continue to adapt design methodologies and systems thinking to a business context, what other manifestations that will evolve? How can design thinking be leveraged in even the most straight-laced silos of a business such as Human Resources and Finance? How do we give design thinking the space it needs in the face of traditional business practice? And most importantly, how do we use our existing design thinking knowledge, to design businesses?

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