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The 21st Century CampfireHow Modern Stories are Told Across Multiple Platforms

John Hartman

From our earliest moments in life it is story that connects us. Once story was only spoken, then it colored the walls of the caves. We huddled around the campfire and the stories of our ancestors were told and retold. As story grew it was bound to a page and then given voice through radio and TV. As story matures even still, along with its media savvy consumer, story now springs forth story worlds across media platforms. Media is ever changing and that evolution only seems to be accelerating. Traditional media, new media and social media these paradigms are now an amalgam of multi-platform media consumption referred to as Transmedia. 

Transmedia is multi-platform story telling, where each channel tells a different aspect of the story and is optimized for the platform. At the core we all yearn for a good tale. It’s primitive, visceral and crosses every culture in the world. In the 21st century the glow of the fire burns bright in the mobile devices and screens that we gather around. This session examines the age old practice of storytelling and the modern methods for crafting a good tale. 

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