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The client services world is changing.  Instead of a perpetually renewed contract or no-end-in-sight retainer, today it's all about building your clients' capacity to manage their own services, communities, and knowledge.  This mirrors the world's move from proprietary ideas to shared economies, from private ownership to collaborative networks.  Learn how building your client's capacity is the best business development strategy to ensure your continued growth beyond the long term renewal.

Participants will learn about...

  • Assessing client capacity and risk tolerance to meet them where they are
  • Building capacity development and client training into the contract
  • Assessment and feedback loops to ensure that the client is keeping up
  • Cutting the cord while providing a safety net
  • What to do if the client STILL isn't ready to go it alone

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WebVisions Barcelona explores the future of the web with a lineup of badass visionaries. July 2-4 at IED Design School.

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