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Taming Context in the Internet of Things

As we continue to stitch our physical world together with digital information, context is becoming harder to manage and understand. Everything we do or buy is potentially connected to everything else, complicating the meaning of our everyday actions. How do we insure that the networked "things" we put into the world make sense as part a human environment? The answers have less to do with the devices we make than with the way people perceive and comprehend their surroundings.

Using everyday examples and practical models, this talk shows how we can figure out the contextual angles underlying the experiences of your product's or service's users and customers.

Among the topics we will explore: 

  • How people perceive environments, not "channels"
  • Mapping how algorithms and "smart" things understand people & places 
  • What language does (and doesn't do) to mediate between the physical and digital
  • How to model contextual situations, and "name them to tame them" 

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