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Sustainable Design is Not an OxymoronPushing the Boundaries of Sportswear Manufacturing

Bergmann will lead the audience through a journey at Nike where he has worked with some of the best innovators, scientists, chemists and athletes in the world, and he will provide examples over time where a small company that was focused on performance gave it’s employees permission to push the edges to improve performance and quality in an environment that many times pushed the technological edges of possibility.

Bergmann’s passion for creating new products or processes to improve performance and sustainability, along with his ability to identify and partner with knowledge experts, has allowed him to work on technological advances in customized design (NikeID), Cross Training, Virtual Sampling, Nike Shox and the latest innovation of Nike FlyKnit technology that brings together.

While he is not a "technology expert", Bergmann has the ability to identify needs and seek out solutions with emerging technologies or hacking existing technologies in novel ways.

Throughout his career at Nike, Bergmann worked with some to the top Athletes, Designers, Innovators and Scientists, but recognized the value in blending common sense, technology and experience to drive new thinking, products or processes-Innovation.

This session is presented by AIGA Portland as part of their SHIFT series on sustainable design.

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