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Jeff Cohen

Front-end designers and UX specialists can build web applications as well as anyone else. Professional web developers aren't "better at math" or "abstract thinking" than the rest of us. Crazy jargon and intimidating user groups keep outsiders away, but here's the truth: coding isn't just for the chosen few. 

Jeff will expose all of the myths that conspire to keep you away from the discovering joy of being able to build your own web app, or quickly prototype your ideas, turning your wireframes or HTML mockups into an interactive prototypes that you and your co-workers can enjoy right away. 

He'll demonstrate how easy it is to get started with the Rails framework, reveal why the Ruby language is best for beginners, and provide practical, concrete things everyone can do to get started. 

Finally, Jeff will highlight the reasons why our beginner-focused curriculum and culture has proven to be so successful at The Starter League in Chicago.

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