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User experience research is a contact sport. When you understand your users - or potential users - you can build better products. Data doesn't explain attitudes, so we'll explore ways to science up your designs by talking to users.

Effective interviews with customers help you to gain a deeper understanding of people’s motivations, values, needs and behaviors. This workshop will cover the strategies and tactics you need to conduct research for a well-established product or service, or for a startup that hasn't fully penetrated the market yet.

You'll learn:

  • Why qualitative data is important to crafting and reading quantitative studies
  • What steps to take to create a research study (from screener to script)
  • How to write/ask questions that get at the data you want
  • When to blend qualitative with quantitative data
  • What to include in a research report
  • Why it's important to build your research team from within and how to teach and motivate developers, designers, and other support team members to do user experience research with you

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