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Redeeming Image Editors for Mobile Web Design

Dan Rose

Know what's exciting? We're smack in the middle of figuring out how to design for the mobile web and have had some major success. Responsive Web Design is solid, CSS3 is increasingly useful, and SVG is downright amazing. So what the heck are Photoshop and Fireworks still doing in our docks and not our trash?

In their most unpopular hour, I'd like to suggest the contrary. Image editors, when repurposed, can be a valuable tool when designing for mobile. To do so, you'll need to shift conventional thinking of producing static comps. This session is a comprehensive dive in to transforming how we use these tools as hi-fidelity sketchpads and ideation environments, and how we can allow our brains to work like they want without hitting creative blocks when coding.  Is it possible we can actually *gain* the time we thought we were losing?

The stigma that image editors slow down our workflow and are a waste of time is increasingly popular. If you're a designer or front-end developer looking to put them to better use, and have them play nice with our new workflows, this is the talk you've been waiting for.

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