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OutsourcedThe New Future of Your Life?

Laundry, cooking, cleaning my house, walking my dog, shopping, driving a car...these are things I used to do. Now, I outsource my life. Technology has enabled me to do just about nothing. That’s awesome! Or is it? Let’s take a closer look. In this talk, I will share my experiences over the past year using apps like Instacart, Sprig, Washio, Lyft and Uber, Doorman, Shyp, and Wag (to name a few)—to do just about everything for me. How has my life improved? What new problems have these services introduced? And, who are these people doing my laundry?

I’ll share the obvious, not so obvious, and totally hilarious themes that have come out of taking a closer look at my personal slice of the on-demand, convenience economy. I’ll challenge the audience to consider both the implications of people moving further away from their day-to-day activities, and the far-reaching social and economic implications. As service designers, what future are we creating? Is it a dystopia or a utopia? Come on, you know the answer. It’s both.

Anytime you bring something new into the world, you solve and introduce new problems. This talk will help you be more mindful as you imagine, design, and create the services of the future.


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