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Mr. Know-It-AllBrainy B2B Brands for a Social, Mobile Planet

David Smith

Technology brands face a paradox in B2B markets: techies hate marketing, yet they are constantly on the prowl for fresh information to help them do their jobs better. The trick to engaging with these highly educated, skeptical audiences has always been the same: be in the right place at the right time with the right answer. Yet now the “right answer” is becoming more visual and portable, and the “right place” may be a mobile device or social network as much as a website or event.

David will explore the technology and media trends that impress open and instant communications among buyers, sellers, and users of technology. Through his company's research and that from leading tech media companies, he'll outline how technology users and buyers are adding social media to their web habits to stay informed.

He will also discuss the process of fine-tuning tech brands and driving consistency across websites, media and social channels, using examples McBru's programs and from global tech companies, and provide some common-sense tips on making online content and services mobile friendly without huge investments in time, money and resources.

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