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Motivational Technology

As designers, we create products and systems that influence the way we interpret our world, the decisions we make and actions we take on a daily basis. Engaging with interactive technology is a communication between human and artifact (or human and human) through which we cannot not influence behavior. As designers, behavior is our medium. How we choose to affect the lives of our users through design requires careful consideration of the methods we employ to move our users into action.

The field of Persuasive Design as we know it has transformed into a decidedly less than human-centered approach, utilizing methods of control, coercion and manipulation to reach its behavioral objectives.  By focusing only on the quantity of outward observable behaviors, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture and damaging the quality of human-behavior and subjective experience.

This talk will explore a new way of thinking about behavior design, focused on facilitating authentic motivation and action. The results of which fully respect human-agency and delivers more effective, engaging and satisfying product experiences.

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