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Mind Melds and BattleBotsCreating the Right Kind of Designer/Developer Dynamic

Improving the designer/developer relationship is an ardent wish on a lot of project teams. And yet, a lot of excuses seem to be made for bad relationships between designers and developers… several of which are tied to when and how each are involved.

Do these sound familiar?

“There’s not enough budget to involve all members of the team from beginning to end.”

“We don’t want to limit designer creativity too soon by bringing tech into the process.”

“We don’t want to waste developer time at the beginning when there’s nothing fully defined yet.”

“If we design a detailed enough style guide, development should be able to implement without retaining a designer through implementation.”

How do you find the right balance of involvement without breaking the budget - and make the most of the skills that each team member can bring to the table?

In this session, Carolyn Chandler (Experience Designer and instructor) and Don Bora (Developer and iconic tech mentor) will take you on a journey through the main stages of a project from both sides of the divide. You’ll learn to:

  • Identify situations where involvement levels for designers or developers are off
  • Bring people with different styles together to solve a problem collaboratively at various points in the process
  • Root out “read my mind” assumptions held by both designers and developers to better expose issues left unsaid
  • Encourage GOOD conflict for a better solution
  • Grow a greater sense of co-ownership

Carolyn and Don will then perform a live Vulcan mind meld and battle the best bots presented by attendees, so BYOBot!*

*Not really, but there will be geeky sci fi references. 

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