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Making Users Successful is Not a One (Wo)man Show

We often get caught up in discussing software. Is an app HTML5 or native? Is the website responsive? How about those cool fonts! But the purpose of the software we make is to enable our users to do something. Our users don’t care about software. They’re concerned about how much more (or less?!) successful they are because of our efforts. As designers and developers, we take it for granted that users succeed. And when they don’t, it’s easy to say that it’s because they’re just being difficult.

User success is not something that happens by accident. It needs careful planning and consideration throughout the creation of the software. It cannot happen unless the whole team agrees with this premise and works in unison towards that goal. Let's talk about what we can learn from sound science to understand the user and, banking on development and design strengths, apply that to making the users shine.

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WebVisions Barcelona explores the future of the web with a lineup of badass visionaries. July 2-4 at IED Design School.

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