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A world of data, services and devices at our fingertips has fueled a making economy. We're now inspiring ourselves and each other to craft meaningful, exciting, entertaining and socially responsible experiences out of this unprecedented access to information. Unfortunately, while "at our fingertips" implies within reach, the reality is that this world is barricaded behind a wall of disparate APIs and their associated learning curves.

Fear not however, there is a new hope. We're starting to see an emerging class of tools that break down these barricades. We'll share a brief overview of the state of APIs today, and show you how to take advantage of recent developments to refuel your creativity, inspire your designs and build better apps, quicker.

When you can skip the pains of working with individual APIs to access and connect various data, services and devices, you can shift from stressing over technical minutiae to focusing on designing the best solution to the challenges at hand. Using a toolkit that's powerful enough to excite your technical creatives, you'll play with real data as you design, much sooner than was ever possible at this scale before, and transition into "the build" with a head start.

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