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Snackable Content

How do you create compelling content for web, social and mobile, that is portable, shareable, and bite-sized, i.e. “snackable?” How do you shape and write its story, choose a format, produce, and distribute it?
In this session, we begin with an examination of what “snackable” means to our culture in a positive way (think baby carrots, baked-not-fried chips, and Sesame Street) and how to apply that premise to producing material for today’s web, social media, and mobile landscape.
We break the session into short sequences -- on content development, formatting, and distribution. We’ll share examples from the not-for-profit world where strong purpose, coupled with tight budgets makes snackable content critical.
Participants will leave with a framework: a set of simple steps and questions to ask themselves and their clients -- designed to help create memorable, snackable content.

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