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Dan Gardner

In this talk, Dan Gardner explores the evolution and future of digital news publishing. Solving the problems that plague publishers requires a systems approach that goes beyond page templates and ad maps. The solution should consider everything: The role the publication plays in the lives of its readers, identifying differentiated subject matter coverage, offering the right set of functionality to readers, assessing the workflow needed to support it, as well as re-imagining the content strategy that takes into account device, location, personalization and pathing.

Only by leveraging a broad definition of design – one that synthesizes the reader, the experience, the technology and the organization – can news organizations achieve true, transformative change.

Dan will discuss...

  • What Code and Theory learned from being embedded in 49 different newsrooms since 2010.
  • Why all news organizations need a "systems design" approach – a holistic, macro design strategy encompassing ethos, process, and the end product.
  • What the future of digital news publishing looks like: From the emergence of contextual news "programming," to the increased demand for hyper-local and hyper-personalized content, to how social media and technology platforms will continue to induce new reading & content consumption behaviors.
  • Why good design isn't truly done until it's developed.

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