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How to Revive a Design Language to Get to Awesome Products

Maybe your company has been around a while. Maybe you have a once successful product that's not growing so fast anymore. Maybe you realized you needed to refresh that product, so you hired an outside agency to inject some needed design attention. Maybe that agency came up with some really good designs but didn't quite get your product's use cases, and didn’t quite get to detailed design. Result: pretty designs that aren’t finished. How would you move forward?

Last year we struggled with all of the above. We were tasked with designing an ecosystem of products across platforms and channels with multiple teams who had varying roadmaps and priorities. We had to consider the realities of design in a corporation that values collaboration and inclusiveness. We deliberated over scalability, consistency vs. cohesiveness and the frameworks to support our decisions. Oh, and we needed to launch in 6 months. Our solution: take our design language (principles, guidelines, frameworks, patterns & styles) to the next level.

Sounds tough, right? Join us as we laugh and perhaps cry a little while outlining our journey to revive our design language, leading to awesome product experiences and becoming a design-led company. We’ll share lessons learned and practical insights on how to successfully revive design across multiple products, teams and stakeholders.

Attendees will learn...

  • Insights on the practicalities of designing product ecosystems creating/using design languages.
  • The value of frameworks to support decisions, and how to consider scalability, and consistency vs. cohesiveness.
  • Practical tips on making decisions with multiple teams and stakeholders, leading with design and how to get it done well.

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