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Hello From the Other SideAdapting the Agile Agency to Clients’ Realities

Many agencies have become frustrated with over-specced sequential waterfall projects. Their inflexible methodologies have too often led to outcomes that didn’t realize their full potential. In contrast, agile methods like Scrum and Kanban have proven successful ways to build and run software. But how do you apply agile methods to the reality of an agency’s project based work? There are many challenges and the most crucial question is: what if our ideal work method and our clients’ realities don’t match?

Edenspiekermann have been working agile since 2009. They’ve since achieved terrific results and have never looked back. They now employ about as many developers as designers, creating meaningful digital products and services for global clients like Red Bull, Cisco Systems, The Economist and the German and Dutch Railways.

Christian will talk about the often challenging contrast between wanting to deliver the best possible product and making sure you’re satisfying the client’s internal project needs.  How to deliver excellent customer satisfaction while working as agile as possible?

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