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Hammering Responsive Web Design Into Shape

Ken Tabor

This talk isn’t about deciding if responsive web design is a good idea or worth pursuing. We’re assuming you’ve already made up your mind that it is. This is a session dedicated to helping you develop, and more importantly debug, RWD.

Why? Because it’s not easy! The speaker will share nuts-and-bolts concepts helping audience members more safely navigate one of the most difficult things we tackle - building websites that respond to a world of device sizes.

In this energetic talk attendees will see real-time demos and illustrative slides serving an audience of technically minded designers by reviewing practical topics such as:

  • Resources for pouring your pages into simulated device screen sizes forgoing expensive hardware purchases as long as possible
  • Reviewing reasons for setting up a web server on Win7 and OS X laptops for emulating production environments for quicker work iterations
  • Demonstrating better CSS through Sass showing cleaner looking @media rules offering more easily maintained RWD styles
  • Showing an experimental tool automatically mass-producing website screenshots of multiple sizes using NodeJS and PhantomJS

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