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Rafa Soto

"We connect naturally (not culturally) to beauty and beauty makes us instinctively happy"
–Denis Dutton, Philosopher of Art and Media Activist

There's a difference between art and beauty. Art needs a intellectual process and a cultural background to be appreciated, but as Denis Dutton said in The Art Instinct, beauty – in its opposition to art – is something instinctive. Regardless of culture, we all get touched by beauty. And not only that; it make us happy. Renato de Fusco mused that "beauty makes us feel good. It's a feeling, not an intellectual pleasure."

Beauty's relationship to the Web is paramount to success. The goal of any tool, app or platform is to help solve a need. And if the experience of solving this need is smooth, sensual and beautiful, it will make you happy. A physical example of beauty relates to architecture: Every building is functional. They keep you protected, warm and provide shelter. But if a building is beautiful inside or outside, it will not only be functional, it will make you feel good. If a city is full of beautiful buildings, walking around the city will also make you feel fantastic.

Let's make it our goal to bring beauty to the Web. That's the future.

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