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Future of Omnichannel Immersion

Meaningful experience innovation can be found at the point where emerging technology, customer needs and business strategy converge. Big box retailers are in a precarious state today, evolve or die, resulting in substantial innovation across the domain. This evolution moves well beyond the retail domain, however, and will likely impact any organization that plays across physical and digital touchpoints.

In the future, emerging technology will infuse data into the fabric of our world resulting in immersive, contextually relevant experiences. To generate these immersive experiences, we will need to uncover customer needs beyond those high-level key moments of truth across the journey. We need to expose the micro-moments that matter. Just as organizations invest in experience evolution, so too must they evolve their business model based on learnings.

The future omnichannel organization is a nimble, learning organization driven by the changing needs of their customer. User experience professionals stand at the forefront of effective evolution. We are moving beyond the traditional interface. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our work, we have the skills to bridge the gap between emerging technology and strategy to create new patterns of interaction. We must evolve our discipline to be ready for the future of omnichannel immersion.

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